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The next wave of my own evolution lies in exploring the potential of women to profoundly shape our world. Not only if women can but if women will...do what is required to make the difference. This demands redefining our notions of 'leadership' and reclaiming meaningful expression for women. To progress beyond historical notions of evolution through incremental change, we must redefine what it is to be human - and women are the key.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

More on Authenticism....

We’re taught to honor our mother and our father.

We’re taught to honor ‘God’ – however that is defined to us and for us.

We’re taught to honor our teachers, elders, coaches, priests/ministers/etc., often regardless of their behaviour and only for the position they occupy.

We’re taught to honor our work ethic.

We’re taught to honor our nation’s flag, agendas, missions, etc.

We’re taught to believe that in honoring all else, we will have become honorable in how we live. And yet, who have we become?

Where in all of this are we taught to honor ourselves? Where in all of this are we ever encouraged to even wonder who that is?

In all of this, where does the truth of what is meaningful to each of us, go?

Perhaps we do not lose that which is authentic to us – it is never discovered to be lost!

Imagine a world where we teach our children how to discover that which is unique and authentic to them. We cannot do this when we are still lost to ourselves.

Breathing is good….


At 4/02/2007 09:58:00 a.m., Blogger Anne Bérubé said...

Hi Louise,

I had such a wonderful time with you and your mother the other day.

I wanted to share an intuition I got today regarding you. When you told me that you didn't feel safe to go to Hawaii in 2007, that sentence flashed in my mind many times this morning.

The power of your being might trigger something and you don't want to be there when that something happens.

I know you knew not to go but I still felt the need to tell you.

I hope you are well and enjoying your family.

Take care


At 4/02/2007 10:08:00 a.m., Blogger Louise LeBrun said...

HI Anne,
It is a strange thing...not to be in Hawaii this year. I have been there at least once - and sometimes as many as three times - every year for the last 14 years. I feel a sense of longing, in addition to a deep knowing not to go. As strange as it may sound, my last three trips were increasingly intense 'messages' to stay away - not because I am not wanted but because it is not my time to be there.

I am already planning my flights for March 2008! With the Huna book to be released in January 2008 and a likely Whispers/Huna retreat on the books for March, I think a book launch would be a good idea, too...don't you?

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.



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