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Monday, April 02, 2007

Authenticism and Emerging Intention

This notion of 'authenticism' (a nominalization) won't let me go!

If someone practices sexism, can they also practice authenticism? If I am a racist, can I also be an authenticist?

Is authenticity a function of the past (history, experience, cultural conditioning, etc.)? Does the fact that I habituate mean that that which is habituated is authentic to me? Or is it just that - habit...and a mindless repetition of what I have long forgotten to think about, let alone consider with any presence of mind, body or intention?

As a nominalization, for me, authenticism lives low in the body. In my first awareness of that, I find it surprising, since I might have thought that it would live much higher. And yet, as I ponder it, I am mindful that when my Environment experience has become the result of my moment-to-moment Choice from Intention (Spirituality and Identity), then I know that I am living large, living well and living fully, deeply grounded in a sense of my own unique presence in the world. The Signal that I am…..

I visited the dictionary today.

I looked up ‘ism’ – and here’s what I found in the American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary (believe it or not – the simplest expression!):
1. Action, process; practice: vegetarianism.
2. Characteristic behavior or quality: puerilism.
3. State; condition; quality: senilism.
4. State or condition resulting from an excess of something specified: strychninism.
5. Doctrine; theory; system of principles: Darwinism.
What attracted me to this one is that none of what is written feels like a judgment of anything – it just ‘is’.

What also attracted me to this one – having learned how to live my life with a mindfulness of Logical Levels of Thinking – is that each of these descriptors could equate to a logical level. For example,

1. State or Condition (result) – Environment
2. Characteristic behavior – Behaviour
3. Action, Process; Practice – Capability
4. Doctrine; theory; system of Principles – Beliefs/Values/Attitudes

‘Authenticism’ has all of these attached to it: B/V/A’s that drive us in a direction; Strategies that allow us to engage the Behaviours that produce the result (Environment) of being authentic. Moment to moment to moment….one breath to the next.

However, what is unfamiliar about this ‘ism’ is that the nature of authenticity has no relevance to the past and is driven by the future…by the unknown, potential of who we might become. In the process of Choice, authenticism requires that we engage mindfully rather than simply repeat habituation. Authenticism has no relation to the past, since that produces repetition and habituation rather than a real-time, real-life Choice in this moment. Each moment has none other quite like it.

Authenticism, from a perspective of Logical Levels of Thinking, lives from the level of Choice, driven from the levels above it. The power of authenticism lies in that its drive comes from Spirituality (Connection to Self) and Identity (Perpetually Unfolding Identity) down to Choice, resulting in our choices constantly changing; rather than from B/V/A’s up to Choice, resulting in repeating the familiar.

Authenticism feels right for me. It is an ‘ism’ that I can trust, in this moment, to unfold something meaningful in my life…something new, as yet unexperienced…holding the potential to completely redefine who I might become.

Perhaps a global tsunami of thought to mindfully choose authenticism as a way of being can transform who we are as a species. I can live with that.

In this moment, I am mindful that I am getting stranger by the day. :) Perhaps I am missing Hawaii?

Breathing is good…..


At 4/02/2007 03:31:00 p.m., Blogger Anne Bérubé said...

I become "strange" when I consider myself as "other" than the norm. And when I label “strange” as “not good”, I don't feel authentic. That is where my challenge lies, when I feel “stranger” to who I was, a few minutes ago, as the new ME at the time, integrates itself in my BVAs. Authenticity requires, in my mind and at this time, to be a "stranger" to my past-self and true to my present and future self. I feel the importance, more than ever, to embrace the “strangeness” of my individual reality.

A tsunami of consciousness choosing to BE their higher self at every moment would have tremendous impact on the human race’s progress towards reclaiming the Lemurian way of living/being.

A HUNA book launch in Hawaii would be wonderful. I would come!

Thank you for your words Louise.


At 4/02/2007 03:53:00 p.m., Blogger Louise LeBrun said...

LOL...thanks, Anne! I know that I'm in good company when you understand and appreciate what I'm saying.

Really, this notion of authenticism will not leave me alone! It is as if every day, a new thought emerges from it...a new way of being is offering itself up from a different use of language. Funny how that works...

And yes, for sure, when the book is launced (likely on Maui), you'll be on the list. :)



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