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The next wave of my own evolution lies in exploring the potential of women to profoundly shape our world. Not only if women can but if women will...do what is required to make the difference. This demands redefining our notions of 'leadership' and reclaiming meaningful expression for women. To progress beyond historical notions of evolution through incremental change, we must redefine what it is to be human - and women are the key.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sometimes, you have to stir the pot....

...to discover the tasty morsels that have slowly sunk to the bottom in the great stew of life!

Today, I'm exhilerated and exhausted - both at the same time. I am just buzzing with the potential that we all are - ready to rock and roll! - and in the same instant, am ready for a nap. It occurs to me that this is another real-life, real-time example of how two distinct experiences can occupy the same space at the same time. We really are quite magnificent! Wherever did we learn to think of ourselves as puny?

The Huna Retreat was yet another unique experience for me (see my Huna Blog for more). This was the 4th Annual Huna Retreat at Oceanstone, and I know there will be many more. As I engaged, watched and listened, I was filled with such deep love for our shared humanity. It is never about anything but each of the unique beings that we are.

It is never about technique or ritual, intended only to remind us of who we are. When we remember, they become irrelevant.

It is never about any 'other', as we are not separate. In that realization, there is no 'other'.

When I breathe, and allow myself to relax into the breath, I am carried effortlessly into the much larger life that awaits my living of it. All I have to do is be willing to show up and get out of my own way. The rest takes care of itself.

This time, I was so mindful of the elements. The warmth of the sun. The rain. The winds relationship with the water. The movement of the trees. The birds. Sounds and sensations all 'round. Enlivened elements all around! This time, as requested, we had the clear evidence of the presence of the elements, without the drama! No doubt, Carole appreciated that one. :)

This time, it is as if the elements came out to play! With a gentle fury and an unmistakable presence, the elements flowed their energy through all that we created. As we approached the Higher Self Connection on Saturday night, late afternoon brought a calming of the winds and a light but dense fog (really! both at the same time!) wrapped itself around Oceanstone so that we were cocooned. Later that night, as we walked in the dark to our cabin just up the hill, I could hear the unbelievable roar of the ocean...and for a moment, was deeply grateful that I could not see what it was up to! No doubt, I slept much better for it.

This year, the experience of the Higher Self Connection was a collective one. The effect was that of a 'pattern enhancer' effect for each of us. I wonder what called to me to engage that way...

I know that next year, for the 5th Annual Huna Retreat at Oceanstone, it will shape itself differently and yet, in some way, its elements will be the same. I am always delighted and surprised by it all.

One thought that stayed with me through the three days, just kept tugging at my soul. I was very aware of the gift to the world by the Hawaiian people of the Aloha Spirit. At great cost to themselves, they showed us that it was possible to live from that state of 'invite and allow'. I continue to believe it to be possible AND that we do not have to lose ourselves because of it.

Aloha with edges. Fire, Water, Earth and Air - all present. In that, I too can become all present.

Breathing is good.....


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