Women and Emerging Futures

The next wave of my own evolution lies in exploring the potential of women to profoundly shape our world. Not only if women can but if women will...do what is required to make the difference. This demands redefining our notions of 'leadership' and reclaiming meaningful expression for women. To progress beyond historical notions of evolution through incremental change, we must redefine what it is to be human - and women are the key.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Emerging Expressions of Leadership in Organic Collectives...by women

I continue to have ‘stuff’ (technical term!) roll around inside me re these notions of emerging expressions of leadership by women. Notions of recognizing that ‘leadership’ is not an action - it's a result. Ideas that press for a recognition that before women will be willing to decloak on the genius that is unique to them and engage their world accordingly, the space of ‘acceptability’ (read ‘safety’) to ways unique to women will first have to expand.

What does all that mean? I’m not sure that I even know. What I do know is that the way women move through the world publicly and the way that they move through their world privately, are not the same thing.

During the Huna Retreat this past week-end, the pieces were far more evident to me than they have been for some time. There are very definite ingredients that are essential to a new recipe for moving through the world differently and for creating a different world, with ‘leadership’ as the ultimate result. These essential ingredients include:

* a more inviting and powerful context for accelerated evolution – a more inviting and provocative destination than the one we are all familiar with – that will become a context for something other than what we’re already getting. If all meaning is context dependent, this is a critical part of the process;

* a recognition of what we are (quantum biological processors), of what we’re processing (signals) and how we actually work (organic intelligence as well as a guiding intelligence); and

* a willingness to surrender to the inevitable uncertainty and indefinable quality that is the essential nature of ‘the future’. The future cannot be managed or planned. Doing so demands that we look back to and rely on the past. The future can only be manifested through who we are. Change who we are and our future changes accordingly. This can only occur if/when we come to trust something other than our intellect; and something other than external referencing.

What this calls up for me is the combination of:

* the context is ‘Evolution by Intention™’ – an awakened, mindful ‘seeing’ that offers a set of beliefs/values/attitudes and a language that allows us to turn our back to history and focus our attention more directly and clearly on choosing who we become;

* the essence of who we are is a Quantum Biological Human™, engaging through Signals Dancing™ for a moment-to-moment, perpetually ongoing unfolding of who we are capable of becoming; and

* the Three Selves of Huna, with the signal of the Higher Self communicating directly with the Lower Self….and in that signal is the Emerging Future we seek. The trick is: do we recognize it for what it is? Are we afraid of it? Can we allow it to be in flow and do nothing as it does? If so, in that moment we have chosen to move away from external referencing (i.e. outside anything…outside experts, authority, knowledge; demands/expectations/requirements/ etc., all of which are constructs of the past) and have chosen to recognize, invite and allow a powerful source of internal referencing that brings with it the potential for something other than what we already have.

All of these combined produce an experience and a result that I hold as ‘leadership’... an experience of a unique, brand-new (not recycled or inherited) expression of Authentic Self that has, until that moment, never existed and cannot exist outside of this experience.

Women instinctively know this experience. Is is like gestation and birth. We have no idea what will be created - only that creation will occur. And we trust that process. It is one that bypasses knowledge and the intellect and moves directly from the impulse/intuition of the body and its attending wisdom. However, in any other process than pregnancy, we often either deny this to ourselves and others, or we seek to find ways to take this experience and make it ‘acceptable’ or palatable to others by masking it in the language and the details of that which is familiar. In that moment, much of its power for acceleration and expansion is surrendered to the status quo and incremental change.

Once I’ve completed the second edition of Fully Alive, my next book will be that of ‘Awakening to the Godforce Within’ – integrating the quantum perspective with the wisdom of the ancient Hawaiians and Huna – as a way for us to awaken to who and what we already are. To me, it’s not about finding or discovering – it’s about remembering.

We are a world and a people in trouble. That’s not news. But maybe this is: A shift in global consciousness will not come at the level of the collective. It will come at the level of the individual and, from there, will ‘infect’ and redesign the collective. So, you see....it's not up to anyone but me.

Breathing is good……


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