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Friday, October 27, 2006

White Feather: Where spirit touches tissue

Last week, I got a note from someone who was profoundly awakened by the process of putting her attention at the base of her spine…what I’ve created as the ‘White Feather’ meditation (for lack of any other recognized language). It keeps drifting in and out of my awareness, so I’m beginning to pay attention and have decided to share it here.

We spend so much of our lives drifting around the outside of our body, when power resides in integrating into and engaging from within our body. This idea that Spirit touches tissue at the base of the spine…the idea that we do not find our ‘god’ out and up, but down and in... has changed lives – easily, effortlessly and profoundly. When 'Spirit' touches and infuses tissue with its presence, I discover myself to be the godforce that I already am. There really is nothing to work at when we have found our way 'home'.

I share this in the event that it can make a difference.

Q: “This idea of "putting your attention at the base of your spine" is so effective that I wonder where or how it originated. I have been a student of Qi gong and yoga for many years where the focus is on the dahn tien /dahn jon or 2nd chakra. When putting my attention at the base of my spine, I am grounded and in my body so much quicker. I was just curious to get more information. How did you discover this valuable link to healing?”

L: It is amazing, isn't it! I discovered the power of this long ago and, as is the case in most magical things, quite by accident. In a moment of complete surrender, I found myself called deep into my body by some kind of 'attractor'. Call it a voice... call it a vibration... call it whatever nominalization will help you make sense of it... and I just allowed myself to be led. For me, it was the moment that my intellect surrendered to the body and trusted my body to lead. The body cannot lead us if we're not in it.

As much as I know that this approach is unique and profoundly
different from what is taught around the world, I am mindful that I
did not find it - it found me. And I believe it unfolded that way
because in that moment, I was willing to be found. For a brief
nanosecond, I was completely willing to let go of 'knowing' anything, and found myself claimed by my own genius. Know what I mean? It leaves me wondering sometimes...how often does our commitment to what we know keep us small and ignorant?

I believe that the base of the spine is the point where Spirit touches
tissue. Here's the short version: When you consider that how we
begin life in the physical world is through the joining of two (sperm
and egg) and in the moment of their union, they are transformed into a
single 'one'...that is then enlivened by an 'animating force' (back to two - matter and energy) ..that is the one that then divides and becomes two....etc) that becomes one - a single human being. And yet, it all began at that point of matter and animating force - or tissue infused with 'spirit'. In the mystical world, dense matter is 'the bottom', with energy/animating force it's enlivening presence. It must always begin at the bottom because it is where we find ourselves in the world of matter.

In my way of moving through the world, Spirit is not found by going up
and out (as we are very much taught to do...to leave our bodies and
seek elsewhere...to look outside of ourselves for the animating force
of the universe) but my moving deeply down and in. When conscious
awareness/focused attention/awakened essence rests at the base of the
spine (and it is indeed, a choice), physical changes occur in the
body. One of these is activation of the parasympathetic nervous
system response - and in that state, we cannot feel fear.

When we do not feel fear, we become more willing to consider all other things. Our bodies expand...our minds expand...our potential expands...and what makes it 'real' or practical or functional in a physical world is that we are IN the body and not separate from it. Another way to say it is that in the moment that I step into the godforce that I AM, what is there for me to fear when I know that it is all me?

It is indeed, a powerful process. I appreciate the ease with which you have made it your own and have welcomed it into your life. And, as in all things, there is always more!

Breathing is good…..


At 10/27/2006 05:28:00 p.m., Blogger Lori Walton said...

The all important "white feather". Thank you for this posting as it served as a big reminder for myself.

As I go about engaging in my life, and doing all of the things I find myself doing... I still have to remind myself to be in my body. I need to really be consious of grounding myself and I know all that I am doing will be that much more powerful because of this.

Maybe I will feel more comfortable being in my body after Resoursefulness in Action in November? Find it easier? I am sure it will.

I know that my body holds the information that is directing the way I am going, yet I still forget to remain in my body with my attention at the base of my spine... and still find myself thinking and Breathing is good.

Thank you for the gentle reminders in every thought you post.


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