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The next wave of my own evolution lies in exploring the potential of women to profoundly shape our world. Not only if women can but if women will...do what is required to make the difference. This demands redefining our notions of 'leadership' and reclaiming meaningful expression for women. To progress beyond historical notions of evolution through incremental change, we must redefine what it is to be human - and women are the key.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Critical distinctions

"I am not a human being having a spiritual experience – I am a spiritual being having a human experience." Who said that? Wayne Dyer comes to mind. (I really like Wayne Dyer’s work. He’s on my ‘people to meet and hang out with in conversation’ short list. He’s been around a long time and although we’ve never met, he feels like ‘good people’ to me.) It’s a catchy phrase – and one that many people instinctively are drawn to – and yet, do we ever really stop to consider what that means in terms of how we live?

We consider that expression as we stand in our humanity and look over at our Spirit-ness. What might we discover if we were to stand in our Spirit-ness and look back at our humanity? Would we feel the same – about ourselves, our lives, our world and our potential?

I am in the search for the analogy…the metaphor…the description…the explanation…that will allow the ‘pop’ inside the body to occur. The pop…the flick of the internal switch…that moment when someone in the room gasps and recognizes the truth of what they are and who they are. There is no going back from that moment. Once awaked, the seduction of sleep is lost. (I wrote about that on November 15th, under The press of potential….. The pulse of energy that moved through the room when one woman awakened to this discovery. Palpable. A physical sensation in a physical body; and a change of temperature in the room.)

I am in the search for how to position what I know – deep in the body, where I live – so that others may have the opportunity to know if for themselves. Not like an opinion or a philosophy but as an undeniable experience of the presence of who they are, and that which is so much greater than our physical expression.

And, I am in the search for how to do that in 10 minutes or less, given how we live in a world of instant gratification and quick fixes. The only problem is that what I’m talking about isn’t about fixing anything. Nothing is broken. It is just lost. It’s about waking up from a deep, deep dream that feels so real, so present, that we have forgotten we’re dreaming.

I’ve been talking about and writing about and educating about this for almost 15 years. And still, I have not found the one story I can tell….or the one metaphor that I can use…that will cause the ‘click’ to happen inside the listener. In all those years, nothing has shown itself more potent that the moment of recognition from the Three Selves of Huna when, in an instant, we discover we ARE the godforce. But that’s a long story and one that I’ll tell another time.

How do you convince a human being s/he is an android? How do you convince an android that s/he is a human being? It really doesn’t matter which way it goes – what matters is the degree to which either would resist, be incredulous about, deny, dismiss, ridicule, denigrate, etc the very notion. Why? Because each believes that s/he already KNOWS. They ‘know’ because they have so much history….so much of their lives through the conditioning of others…that would tell them otherwise. And yet, how would they ever discover for themselves? Likewise, do any of us know how to get past our own stories? The ones we tell and the ones we just repeat because we have heard them so often we have come to believe them?

Science tells us a new story. The new science – the science of quantum biology – does not just define our physicality, it redefines our humanity! This new science tells us that we are not what we have been told we are – we are so much more. WHAT we are, at the level of naming the expression of our physical-ness, needs a new name. And yet, we resist. We deny the truth of our own discoveries because they do not match our stories. And yet again, we curl up into the smallness of who we think we have been, are and must continue to be. In that moment, we surrender our future to the past.

Tonight, I found this definition of an avatar and it calls to me.

Avatar: a temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.

I am an avatar. You are an avatar. The Spirit (continuing entity) that I AM temporarily inhabits/manifests itself through the physical body that I occupy in this physical world. And yet, I know without a doubt that I am NOT that body - I am the continuing entity that lives through and expresses through that body in a physical world. And when I choose to leave that physical body, the force that I am continues. I am not the device through which I express, I am the very force of that expression.

How did that one fit for you? Anything feel familiar for you?

In the coming years, I am committed to working with women (in particular) to make as much noise as I can so that we wake up! Sleeping women are powerless women. It is not that women are weak and/or puny – it is that we are asleep. And you know how it goes: there are times when you’re sleeping and you hate to be disturbed. Sleeping people find awake people annoying.

Prepared to be annoyed.

Breathing is good…..


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