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Monday, June 11, 2007

Before healing comes awakening

For days, now, this phrase has been going through my mind: "Before healing comes awakening". Over and over again, this same thought repeating itself, obviously intent on staying in my awareness until I do something with it!

Today is the day.

It makes sense to me. What it says to me is that dis-ease or illness is an indication of a being in a deep sleep or, more in alignment with what I believe is occurring today, a coma. Dis-ease is the way that the Signal that we are lets us know where we are asleep, how we have gone to sleep and what we need to pay attention to in order to awaken.

What it also says to me is that health/wellness, vitality and life force are present when we are awake to the truth of who we are and our own potential.

Dis-ease = asleep/coma. Wellness = awake! Simple.

Take breast cancer, as an example. An indication of sleep in the area of culturally conditioned self (heart centre – 4th chakra). What it says to me is that the ‘sick’ person has gone into a deep sleep in the area of culturally conditioned self, allowing what others think and believe and say; what others expect and demand; and what others will or won’t do as being more important – more relevant and more powerful in guiding the choices made – than the sleeping being herself.

I then get curious about how did she get that way and what does she need to do to wake up? The trajectory of the dis-ease, meaning how it developed from its first manifestations of sensations in the body, to its current expression help me to pay attention to how they went to sleep. This is important because it can also help me figure out how they can wake up. And if indeed, awake = well, then awake is what we’re looking for!

The CODE Model is my framework for exploring that trajectory of awake to sleep/coma and back again.

In this moment, it is so clear to me. When I think back to all the people I’ve worked with, it has all been there.

When my hand goes to sleep, it tells me that I am restricting something in some way. I did something in a certain way that led to the natural result of my hand ‘going to sleep’. If I do something else instead, my hand will wake up. Why should it be any different with cancer? Or Crohn’s? Or brain tumors?

I wonder if we’re ready – as a species – to recognize that we create it all. The hand going to sleep and the brain tumor. It’s all part of the same process. Perhaps if we could ‘get’ that, we’d all be healthier, much faster.

Breathing is good….


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