Women and Emerging Futures

The next wave of my own evolution lies in exploring the potential of women to profoundly shape our world. Not only if women can but if women will...do what is required to make the difference. This demands redefining our notions of 'leadership' and reclaiming meaningful expression for women. To progress beyond historical notions of evolution through incremental change, we must redefine what it is to be human - and women are the key.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A passing thought....

We complain about the current status of our world... but we do not complain about who we have been to create such a result.

Perhaps, if we were to focus our attention on the source of our havoc (us!), we would create something very different. However, to do this, we would each have to recognize the part we play in its ongoing manifestation, rather than stand back and point at the behaviours of others.

Consciousness....the great wave of our own unfolding....cannot be denied. That we are consciousness in action means that if we are to act otherwise, our consciousness must flow diffierently. But first, we must find it and claim it as our own.

Breathing is good.....


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