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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore

I’ve now watched this DVD for the third time. Each time, I am aware of the information offered and the magnitude of its implications. Even more, I am aware of Al Gore.

As I watch, I am mindful that the information has been seen in other places at other times. What makes it different THIS time is Al Gore. What makes it possible for us to hear it this time, is Al Gore. It is not the information – it is the powerful presence of a man living authentically, speaking in a voice that reverberates with the passion of this authenticity and being willing to decloak to the world with all that is meaningful to him. To me, that’s what makes the difference.

I am mindful of sharing this DVD with anyone who will watch it, as frequently as I am able. It is not that I am on a mission – it is that his truth is one that I share. In that shared truth exists the potential for the creation of a new, organic collective and the potential for a shift in consciousness.

Without getting into the details (because it’s late, it’s been a long day and the details are available elsewhere), I watch this DVD and I recognize that it is all a metaphor. As I listen, I become mindful of the notion of the holographic universe – or a ‘holographic reality’ – and recognize that in this metaphor, the forces of nature mirror the chaos of our own downward-spiraling consciousness. As much as I believe that each of us can make a difference at the environment/behaviour level with the recommendations to reduce co2 emissions, I am equally mindful that were we to shift our consciousness, the forces of nature would reflect that too.

I am also mindful that as quickly as we engage with our light bulbs and our thermostats (and I do engage in those ways), I am equally mindful that our existing consciousness is generating ‘problems’ at a rate and with a density that far exceeds our capacity to address or resolve these manifestations at the environment level. We focus our attention on efforts to make a better broom rather than discovering how to stop breaking glass.

Al Gore’s DVD is clear: we must change or die. I look at that and I recognize that we must change not only what we DO, but who we ARE in our world. I, for one, do not believe that it will be enough just to fix this problem. You can be sure that if we do not redefine what we are and who we are capable of becoming as a species, we will in quick time punch the pillow and yet something else will billow out to catch our attention.

Imagine an evolution of consciousness that allows us to discover the power of internal referencing (counter to multiple generations of conditioning to live otherwise and be superbly externally referenced); and in that internal referencing, we discover that today’s science completely redefines WHAT we are (quantum biological processors that process signals/information) and, from that, who we are (spiritual beings of immense capability…the godforce in physical matter) and more importantly, who we are capable of becoming. In the moment of that discovery, we enter a different world that is then reflected in our physical world. .

We see through new eyes. Nothing is ever the same again. We choose to evolve with intention rather than by default and at the mercy of our environment. We rediscover our capacity to relax into, unfold into and trust the process of the body, allowing our futures to emerge as the signal moves through the body and, in that very wave, designs the next layer of that godforce manifesting. And the world responds, shaped by the internal forces reflected in the external world.

I believe Al Gore is telling us to pay attention to our physical world…to the biosphere upon which our very survival depends…one breath to the next….and I also believe that his example is an invitation to us to wake up – wake up! – at many levels. Environment is one of them, making it impossible not to notice the impact of our intentions and our choices. If manifestation occurs in a spiral, with ‘thought’ and/or intention at the top, the world and its state certainly speaks to the physical results that are the byproduct of those thoughts/intentions. Maybe we should be paying closer attention…..

Count me in. Well beyond those five tips for reducing co2 emissions (www.climatecrisis.net), I am mindful of who else we need to become in order to design a very different world – one that pays attention to and values life in all its forms. How are we going to do that?

Breathing is good…..


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